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It is worth observing, for a start, that Jewish  16 Dec 2020 Never heard of Waldemar Haffkine? Here's his story. (To note – some of the colonial details in this are very much of their time.) (BBC, approx 14  From Wikipedia: Waldemar Haffkine. Waldemar Mordechai Wolff Haffkine CIE was a bacteriologist from the Russian Empire who later became a French citizen. Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine.

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"Waldemar Haffkine" av Lambert M Surhone · Book (Bog). Releasedatum 13/8-2010. Väger 130 g och måtten 152 mm x 229 mm x 5 mm. 78 sidor. · Köp billiga böcker, kontorsmaterial, pyssel och leksaker inom waldemar mordecai wolffe haffkine hos Adlibris.

Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine) who invented the plague vaccine.

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Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Mahatma Haffkine. The Savior Mankind Never Knew. 3,008 likes.

Waldemar haffkine

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In the spring of 1894, Waldemar Haffkine travelled to Calcutta in the Indian province of Bengal in search of cholera. Spring was cholera season in the city, and Haffkine was hopeful. He had arrived Waldemar Haffkine developed cholera and plague vaccines. Description: Waldemar Haffine (1860-1930), a Russian-Jewish microbiologist, developed early cholera and plague vaccines. He left Russia in 1888 because of anti-Semitic restrictions on his work, and immigrated to France to join the Pasteur Institute. an assistant with Mr. Mechnikov in the Pasteur Institute» said Waldemar Haffkine Saved millions of lives «A revolutionary in life and science, he was a pariah in his homeland, only to become a Mahatma in India» Dr. Waldemar Mordecai Haffkine — a Ukrainian scientist was a bacteriologist who worked mainly in India and developed vaccines against cholera and bubonic plague. The son of a Jewish schoolmaster, WM Haffkine was born in the Black Sea port of Odessa, but received most of his early education in Berdiansk.

Died: October 20, 1930, Lausanne, Geneva.
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In: Charles Coulston Gillispie, editor in chief: Dictionary of Scientific Biography. Charles Scribner’s Sons. New York, 1970. G. H. Bornside: Waldemar Haffkine's cholera vaccines and the Ferran-Haffkine priority dispute.
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Haffkine’s mother died just before his seventh birthday and his father was frequently absent on business; his childhood was therefore lonely. He himself never married. Haffkine, who was a Russian, spent 22 years of his life in India where he conducted research for the bubonic plague vaccine in Room 000 of the state-run Grant Medical College and Sir J J Hospital Sir Waldemar Haffkine (Mar 15, 1860 – Oct 26, 1930) On January 10, 1897, bacteriologist Waldemar Haffkine, an Odessa-born Jew who trained with Louis Pasteur at his institute in Paris, tested the vaccine he had created in record time to combat a bubonic plague epidemic in Bombay, on himself.

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Haffkine, une esquisse. Biographie intellectuelle et analytique de Waldemar Mordekhaï Haffkine. Lausanne, le 14 juin 2013.

Waldemar Haffkine: Surhone, Lambert M.: Books

Waldemar Mordechai Wolff (Zeev) Haffkine Scandal, anti-Semitism, and experiments on human beings – when we opened this fascinating archive to have a look at the documents contained within, we could not have imagined how this incredible tale would unfold – the story of a Zionist scientist who was determined to save the world from the plague and cholera against all odds. Waldemar Mordecai Wolff Haffkine, CIE (russe: Владимир Маркус-Вольф Ааронович Хавкин Vladimir Marcus-Wolff Aaronovitch Havkin ; hébreu מרדכי זאב חבקין Mordekhaï Ze'ev 'Havkin), est un bactériologiste des XIX e et XX e siècles né à Odessa, le 15 mars 1860 et mort à Lausanne, le 26 octobre 1930. Media in category "Waldemar Haffkine" The following 8 files are in this category, out of 8 total. Anti-cholera inoculation, Calcutta, 1894 Wellcome L0037329.jpg 4,028 × 3,084; 4.93 MB Waldemar Mordechai Wolff Haffkine [Valdemar Mordeĥaj Volf Hafkin e], jen en germanlingva literumo, ruse Мордехай-Вольф Хавкин [Mordeĥaj-Volf Ĥafkin] (naskiĝis la 15-an de marto 1860 en Odeso, Rusia Imperio - mortis la 26-an de oktobro 1930 en Laŭzano, Svisio) estis rusijuda bakteriologo, kies kariero estis damaĝita en Rusio ĉar "li malakceptis konvertiĝi al Rusia Waldemar Haffkine began concentrating his scientific work on the development of a cholera vaccine and produced an attenuated form of the bacterium. Under the risk of his own health, Haffkine performed the first human tests on himself. In July 1892, Haffkine reported his results to the Biological Society.

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